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Seduction Discotheque

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When you are vacationing in Phuket, Thailand there are many things that you must do and see. However, if you are looking for the best places to dance, than there is only one discotheque that you must visit, and that is the Seduction Discotheque.

This amazing discotheque was opened in November of 2006 and since then it has grown into being Phuket's best discotheque that blasts everything from today's pop hits to the disco classics from the 70s and 80s. If you are looking for a unique place to dance the night away and have an absolutely amazing time, than you will find this at Seduction Discotheque.

One of the main reasons why this discotheque has grown in popularity is because of its dedication to service and hospitality. Both of these qualities are what makes this Thai discotheque so unique and inviting. If you have ever been to a discotheque that feels cold and uninviting, than you must experience Seduction, because here you will feel nothing but welcomed and the atmosphere is one that is dedicated to having a great time dancing and drinking the night away.

The atmosphere at Seduction Discotheque is one that draws in the most beautiful and party-friendly people in Phuket. You will be able to mingle with people from all around the world at this discotheque, which makes the vibe unique and completely diverse. You will never experience the same night twice at this discotheque, not because the building changes, but because the people are so distinctive it is hard to find the same crowd twice. And if you are just wanting to simply dance and enjoy the music, than you are able to do this in style at this particular discotheque. With a state-of-the-art dance floor that is always packed with people dancing to the hottest songs, any dancer will be in heaven once giving into Seduction.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010