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Children in Phuket

Phuket Overview | Traveling with children

The people of Phuket Island love children. It is difficult for a family on holiday in Phuket to go anywhere without the shop keepers or other staff showing special attention to the children. There are times when this can be overwhelming to the children. It is just best to explain the children of Phuket Island are very much loved.

Traveling in Phuket with children is an actual delight. Watching their faces as they are astounded at the sights and sound is priceless. They should be able to experience a fantastic holiday on Phuket Island.

There are so many things for the children to see and do on Phuket Island. There are amusement centers and theme parks. The Phuket Fantasea is one of the best. The children really love the Kathu Waterski park. Phuket also has a zoo and an aquarium.

It is advisable for parents to watch the children in heavily trafficked areas. There are locals who do travel with children on motorbikes. This is something that is not recommended. The law of Phuket Island does not require children be in car seats or booster seats. Visitors may want to bring one anyways for taxi services they may use.

Phuket beaches and children

The beaches are wonderful for the family to spend the day. The sun is not always friendly to young ones. An afternoon and Layan Beach at sunset is a great place to enjoys natures simple pleasures. However is advisable to use hats and sunscreen on little children. The hours the sun is the strongest are from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. There are times when the waters are very calm. This is when it is completely safe to swim and enjoy all sorts of water sports. During the monsoon season the sea can develop a rough current which can be very hazardous. It is advisable to keep little children out of the water at these times or stay in the hotel pools. There are red flags posted to let visitors know of dangerous currents.

Children are naturally curious. When dealing with salt water there are so many beautiful sights to behold. Unfortunately holding is something that should not be done. Educate the children about jelly fish and sea urchins when they are going to be snorkeling or swimming.

Thai food and children on Phuket

The food on Phuket Island can be a little spicy for the young palate even though Thai food is not necessarily so. There are green and blue signs posted in restaurants which indicate a health inspection was conducted. The sign will read Good Taste, Clean Food. The food in these establishments are less likely to make a child ill than some of the local food vendors. If in doubt use the 5 Star luxury resort which are surprisingly good value when you compare with prices back home.

Last Updated: 28 Mar 2011