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Phuket Overview | Gay Day Tours and Accommodation On Phuket

Many guests and visitors are aware of gay life on Phuket Island, but for those new explorers there are some things to think about. This tour is every Saturday all year round, starting at the Patong Beach on Phuket Island. Visitors can go by mini bus and speed boat to two islands east of Phuket.

Clear water and coral reefs perfect for snorkeling or gazing at the fish. On this tour lunch is also served. Depending on the visitor a western dish or Thai cuisine. There are many visitors who enjoy convenience of this tour as well as the seclusion it provides. At the ending of the day return to gay Patong.

Paradise Complex in Patong Beach

Gay Patong also known as the Paradise Complex, five minutes from the Patong Beach. Gay Patong is a thriving community with gay accommodations and gay guesthouses as well.

There are over twenty gay bars and clubs. With restaurants and coffee shops, the gay community is growing with even more variety in Gay Patong.

Be open minded. Gay Patong is a special community complex for those visitors to the tropical island of Phuket Island. Be prepared and expecting to have a good time.


Visitors of all types, come to Phuket Island to see its attractions and learn of its culture. There are special tours for those visitors who stay at the Gay Patong. And many of those visitors staying at the Gay Patong can enjoy cabaret shows, go-go boys, and other events available.

There are also tour guides to meet every need; such as plans to go site- seeing. Once a year there is a gay pride festival for visitors who attend. There is also gay games on Phuket Island once a year.

Gay holiday accommodation in Phuket

Phuket Island is a tropical paradise for everyone. However, if you plan on being a visitor or tourist on Phuket Island, and want to stay at the Gay Patong; make plans three or four months in advance.

Gay Patong unfortunately is in a "still growing" phase and accommodating guests is limited. Remember the many hotels on Phuket Island, Thailand too, with several locations on the island.

Last Updated: 18 Oct 2011