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When it comes to travelling great distances the one disadvantage that many travellers have is that it is quite difficult to get an accurate impression of what the rooms will look and feel like over the Internet or whatever booking medium you are utilising. Here at hotelATM we try to go a step further by providing extensive galleries for all our Phuket hotels, sourced from both the hotel and from guests who have stayed there.

Read Reviews

People who have travelled to this area are often going to be your best resource when it comes to accurate information about their Phuket Island Thailand rooms. They are the ones most likely to tell you if the rooms are clean, large, nicely decorated, and properly air conditioned. It is very unlikely that an actual hotel, guest house, or resort is going to be overly objective about their rooms so it is also advisable to read the advice of those who have left reviews of their experiences..

When reading reviews it's always vital to remember that the majority of people will write about a bad experience, much fewer will write about an absolutely fantastic experience and hardly anyone writes about a satisfactory experience where the resort delivered exactly what was expected (no more, no less).It's just human nature. Not that each comment is not perfectly valid, just that as they are based on personal experiences which are based on personal expectations, making them no more impartial than the hotel itself. But by reading the reviews you do get to see both sides which you can then use to make your own judgement.

Ask for the Dimensions

One thing that is often commented on is how small many Phuket Island Thailand rooms are. Whether you are seeking Phuket Island Thailand rooms or rooms in London you need to get the dimensions of the room when booking if at all possible. A few websites will have this information for certain suites. You may want to call the hotel or resort you are considering for actual dimensions of rooms that aren't speciality rooms or suites. It can mean the difference in a claustrophobic existence and a pleasant holiday experience.

Get the Pictures

Many hotels will post photographs of rooms on their websites. If the photos are of a standard room and not a speciality suite, chances are good that your room will be very similar, if not exact, to the room in the photo. Many Phuket hotels save money by having all rooms furnished and decorated in similar styles. While you should expect the best of the best to be listed in the hotel brochures there are many websites that pride themselves on providing actual photographs of the rooms in Phuket . Find those before booking if at all possible in order to get an accurate representation of the Phuket Island Thailand Rooms you are booking.

One other thing you should keep in mind when booking Phuket Island Thailand rooms is that the good hotels book early. If you want a great room in a quality establishment, especially one at a desirable price you need to book well in advance of your intended holiday.

Know The Final Price

When selecting your Phuket Hotel you'll also want to check on the price. You should make sure you know what is included and what isn't before you make your booking. For example the Phuket Hotels listed on display rates that already include VAT (7%) and hotel service charge (10%). If you have selected an extra bed in your room this is also included in your online quotation. What this means is that the price you see on your instant quotation is the price you will pay. There's nothing extra to pay for your stay. Many hotels and booking sites don't include VAT or hotel service charges in their displayed prices so although they may look slightly cheaper, they are in fact more expensive.

To find your hotel in Phuket you can start by listing all the hotels and resorts by price, or select one of the locations in Phuket such as Patong Beach which shows only the hotels in Patong Beach from there you can quickly and easily view all the hotel information, see room photos and read reviews. At any time you can view an online quotation to quickly work out the total price of your booking (inclusive of vat and service charges).

Last Updated: 18 Oct 2011