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Say 'I Do' on Phuket

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If your dream wedding is set against the backdrop of stunning white beaches, clear turquoise waters, and swaying palms, you will find that picture perfect setting on Phuket Island, Thailand.

The ceremony

Take your pick for a ceremony and reception at a lush tropical garden, or a picturesque beach. You can also choose to exchange your vows in a weatern-styled Christian wedding ceremony or a traditional, Buddhist-based Thai marriage.

Most of the marriages are carried with the consideration given to the various legal aspects and with the regional ceremonies. Many tour operators also customize packages for regular or custom ceremonial arrangements. In fact, most of the major hotels offer great wedding packages.

Legal Matters

To have a legally binding marriage on Phuket Island, the Thai government requires that you have proper documentation. This requires that you both drop by your embassy at least 7 days before our wedding date, to sign statuary declaration forms. These forms certify that both bride and groom are legally eligible to get married.

The statutory forms cannot be substituted with any documents from a different country. Your passports may be required in order to support your claim and statement

Once the signing of the documents is witnessed by your embassy officials, the documents will need to be translated into Thai, and then taken to Bangkok to be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It may be advisable to the have the certification process done for you by a local agency. Aside from taking care of the legal formalities, the agency will also be present at the marriage registration, which will occur at a government district office in Phuket town.

The legal marriage documents can be translated from Thai to your country's official language, so that you can use it to register your marriage back home.

With all the legal formalities completed, you can get on with your wedding ceremony. Make your marriage an exciting, exotic event. Come say "I Do" at Phuket Island, Thailand.

Last Updated: 18 Oct 2011