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What to Look for in a Phuket Hotel

Phuket Overview | Making hotels reservations on Phuket Island

There are many things that different people look for and require in a hotel when traveling on holiday. When making reservations for a Phuket Island Thailand hotel you should take a moment to check out various details of the hotel before booking your room.

This will save time, money, and potential dissatisfaction when all is said and done. Be sure to read the fine print about all things concerning your accommodations and make sure that you have everything lined up well in advance of when you plan to travel so there will be no mistakes when the big day arrives. Below are a few things you will definitely want to look for when booking your Phuket Island Thailand Hotel.

Location, Location, Location

This is very important if you intend to be spending a lot of time on one particular part of the island over others. You will want to find a Phuket Island Thailand hotel that is located in the area or near the beach, amusements, shopping, or nightlife you are more interested in pursuing. Most websites are very upfront about the location of hotels within the area so that you may be assured that you are booking a room in the appropriate area. This is not a small island and you do not want to spend a great deal of time and/or money traveling to and from your preferred area of the island.


It almost always comes down to money. Make sure you book a Phuket Island Thailand hotel that is going to leave you enough money to enjoy some of the more entertaining things about the island that most people want to enjoy while vacationing. It's no fun if you travel to an exotic location but can't afford to really enjoy the time you're spending there.


You will find a Phuket Island Thailand hotel on almost every street corner. One thing you will not find in every hotel however, is a room with a beautiful view. Be sure that you know in advance if the room you are booking has a view and exactly what the view is of. No one really wants a view of the hotel skips. While you should not plan to spend too terribly much time in your room while on holiday you will want to make sure that the time you spend in your room provides a relaxing and exotic view.

While these things do not guarantee a successful holiday they are definitely important ingredients in an enjoyable time away from home. There are many more details that are personal to you that you will want to confirm when booking your Phuket Island Thailand hotel, hopefully this little checklist will help with the bigger details.

Last Updated: 18 Oct 2011