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Phuket: the Pearl of the Andaman Sea

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Longtails at Phuket Chalong Bay

Phuket Island, Thailand. This tropical vacation resort lies just off the sunny, southern coast of Thailand, in the warm, turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea. With its natural heritage of stunning beaches, exotic marine life and lushly forested hillsides, Phuket Island, Thailand is one of Asia's most popular tourist destinations.

Phuket Weather and Climate

Phuket enjoys a warm and humid tropical monsoon climate. While it has two annual seasons - the rainy and the dry seasons - temperatures remain comfortable all year round.

The dry season is also the high season for tourism is November through March, when the average temperature ranges from 25?C to 33?C, and humidity is relatively low. May through September is the "Low season," which is generally rainy and humid. June through August, in particular is less than ideal for water activities, as dangerous ocean undercurrents make swimming or diving an unsafe proposition. January is the coldest month of the year, with temperatures dipping as low as 22?C

Phuket Geography

Phuket is Thailand's largest island, located about 860 kilometers to the south of the capital Bangkok. It is ringed by 32 smaller islands, each with its own unique attractions.

Phuket has a diverse volcanic topography that ranges from the broad sweeps of powdery white beaches that line its west coast and surrounding coral islands, to its craggy limestone cliffs and forested mountainous inland peaks.

Phuket Marine Flora and Fauna

The surrounding waters are incredibly clear and have an average water temperature of about 28oC. Combined, these two factors provide the ideal conditions for coral reefs to grow and thrive. Add to this breathtaking bottom topography and teeming marine life and you will see why Phuket has become a world-renown destination for thousands of diving enthusiasts.

Phuket Economy

This tropical Island's economy once derived great wealth from tin mining, which dates back more than five centuries. Over the past two decades, millions have been invested in developing the Island's natural heritage to create its booming tourist industry. Today, aside from a thriving rubber plantation industry, tourism is the backbone of its economy. Agriculture, fishing and pearl farming are also important sectors of the economy.

Phuket Tsunami

The Tsunami of 2004 caused considerable damage to building s and infrastructure. However, by February of 2005, most of the damage was repaired, and life was getting back to normal. Little evidence of the devastation remains.

Phuket Things To Do

Phuket's largest tourist draw is its brilliant white sandy beaches, clear azure waters and fantastic vacation resorts, as well as the warm hospitality of its people. It brims with a host of attractions and things see and do, from kayaking and trekking to elephant riding and world class diving, sports fishing and first-rate golfing to an exciting nightlife, great cuisine and cultural festivals. There is something for everyone at Phuket Island, Thailand.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010

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Longtails at Phuket Chalong Bay