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One of the great things about vacationing on Phuket Island is that you can always find a great deal. Planning a trip to a Phuket Island resort is possible on just about any budget. A nice room in a 3 star hotel can be had for as little as 35 EUR a night, and of course, deluxe accommodations run much higher. Much of the entertainment on Phuket Island is inexpensive, and lying on the beach enjoying the scenery is always free.

There are many great resorts with prices that fit even the tightest budget. You can find both hotel rooms and bungalows for great prices, and even three and four star hotels often have rates starting at 35 EUR. There is a National park on the north end of Phuket Island that has government owned bungalows they rent out to vacationers for even better discounts. If you are on a budget, finding accommodations on Phuket Island is no problem.

Most travel sites and travel agents will be able to put together a trip to Phuket Island that will fit in to your budget. Accommodations, entertainment, and souvenirs in Phuket Island are not expensive compared to western standards and the most expensive part of your trip will probably be airfare; but that can probably be discounted if you use the right travel site or agent.

Getting around using public transportation while on Phuket Island is easy to do when you are on a budget; if you do not mind taking the bus. Bus fare starts at only 15 Baht, (less than half a EUR). There are many trails through the beautiful forests and mountains that you can walk through for free or rent a bike for a low fee. Just about everything is cheaper in Phuket making it a great place to go if you are on a budget. Admission to most attractions like the Phuket Zoo, the Aquarium, and theme parks are less than 10 EUR. Merchandise and souvenirs are also less than in other vacation destinations. Phuket is a great place for vacationers on a budget.

Last Updated: 18 Oct 2011