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While Phuket Island has long been thought of as a place for adults to go enjoy the raucous nightlife, clubs, cabarets, and bars, there are plenty of things for kids to do on Phuket Island as well. While you will want to steer clear of Patong's party district and the transsexual cabaret shows if you have your kids in tow, there are many other things for kids to do that adults will enjoy as well.

There is a never-ending list of shows, entertainment and attractions and the beautiful white sand beaches will most likely be the most popular spot for kids to play. If they do get tired of swimming and building sand castles, there are many other places to go and things for kids to enjoy on Phuket Island. Kids and adults can enjoy the national parks on Phuket Island and stroll through tropical rainforest, see beautiful water falls and visit the gibbon rehabilitation center. Phuket Island also has a zoo that features many different species of animals as well as live shows with elephants, crocodiles, and macaques held everyday. There is an aquarium at the southernmost end of Phuket Island and a Butterfly garden with an indoor rainforest. There are also a couple of theme parks, including the FantaSea theme park where kids can experience Thai culture while enjoying street shows and nightly performances. There are playgrounds and parks at almost every beach and in Phuket City. With all the water sports, bowling allies, golf courses, and other activities Phuket Island has to offer kids will never run out of things to do.

Traveling to any foreign country with children has its dangers, and while Phuket Island is a great place for kids, travelers should heed some basic advice. Thai culture welcomes children so hospitality will not be a problem. The ocean is much calmer in the dry season (November to March) and swimming is safer. Don't be surprised if kids encounter stinging sea creatures while swimming at the beach, and while painful, theses stings are rarely serious. Sunscreen is necessary for everyone, especially kids, as the sun is very strong in that part of the world.

Many hotels offer activities for kids and childcare so be sure to enquire when making your reservations. Other childcare options and babysitters are easy to find but be sure to always check referances.

The traffic on Phuket Island can be pretty bad so always keep an eye on small kids. There are also many stray dogs throughout the island and rabies is quite common so be sure to warn children about approaching them.

Kids are welcome on Phuket Island and there are many things for them to do. Planning the perfect family vacation is easy of your destination is Phuket Island.

Last Updated: 31 May 2012