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Phuket Island is a safe place to take children as Thai people love kids of every nationality. The world famous hospitality that adults experience while vacationing in Thailand is extended to children as well making a trip to Phuket Island great for families. While on Phuket Island, families can enjoy many different sights and activities and with so much to do the kids will never be bored.

One of the biggest challenges families face while traveling, is catering to the picky tastes of the kids. Phuket Island has plenty of fast food restaurants like McDonalds and Pizza Hut to feed any appetite as well as fine Thai cuisine. Most hotels also serve western food so families will not have to worry about picky eaters.

Phuket Island is filled with sights and attractions that are great for the whole family. Families with young children can enjoy Elephant rides, which are fun even for young kids and a part of most of the Eco Tours on Phuket Island. Phuket Island also has a zoo and aquarium that young kids can enjoy. Phuket City has some very nice indoor playgrounds and most of the beaches around Phuket Island have outdoor playgrounds perfect for entertaining families of all ages.

Families with older children can go horseback riding, water skiing, ocean kayaking, and play paint ball. There are many shallow areas to on the western shore of Phuket Island where families with older children can go snorkeling. Biking tours are also a great choice for families as well as one of the many shows at the Phuket Zoo or FantaSea Theme Park.

All of the big Hotels on Phuket Island welcome families with children, but some go above and beyond to make sure kids have a great time (and take some of the pressure off parents too!) Some hotels offer kids programs, childcare services, children's menus and discounts on more than one room for families. Be sure to enquire when making reservations what services your hotel offers for families with children.

While Phuket Island has plenty of nightlife for singles, the family scene is just as popular and there are many things for families to do. Playing on Phuket's beaches will entertain most kids and if the lush tropical scenery doesn't wow them, an elephant ride or snake show is sure to do the trick.

Last Updated: 31 May 2012