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Hotel guests swept away as the Phuket Tsunami strikes Kamala Beach Resort

Most people today have some recollection of the Tsunami of 2004. However, for those people living on Phuket Island, Thailand their entire lives were changed dramatically. For some people, family members were lost and more than 250 lives claimed on Phuket Island alone.

An earthquake in the Indian Ocean was the reason for the Tsunami. Whatever the cause was naturally, the Tsunami smashed into Phuket Island, Thailand on December 26, 2004; claiming at least 250 lives.

Some of the people who died were residents of the island. The others were visitors and tourists.

The Tsunami hit the west coast of Phuket Island destroying whatever stood in its way.

For the people on Phuket Island, Thailand, this west coast is heavily populated and where the white sandy beaches showed their unique beauty.

More damage on Phuket Island was to the south, where resorts and villages became helpless against the fierce Tsunami.

The aftermath of the Tsunami seemed to make the residents on Phuket Island stronger. Most villages and populated areas received outside help. With the exception of the villages where the sea gypsies dwelt.

This was simply due to their culture with no written language aid was hard to receive.

Rolling up their sleeves, and determination, the residents began putting their beautiful paradise back together again.

To some of the newcomers who had moved to Phuket Island recently believed it was virtually hopeless and moved from the island soon after the Tsunami struck.

However, those with strong Thai cultures and Chinese cultures along with the other residents who had family roots here from decades passed continued on with their pain staking task of rebuilding the beautiful island they called home.

Going from one white sandy beach to another clearing debris, and rebuilding. Repairing buildings and resorts on Phuket Island, and replanting precious tropical island fruits.

As for the sacred temples, and shrines, a tender loving touch went into these repairs.

Some of the monks living in the Mosques or shrine monasteries were allowed by their elders to do some minor repairs to the temples, but due to their faith and worship it was limited.

Within three months most of the resorts and tourist attractions were repaired and Phuket Island started to see more visitors coming to the island. By November of 2005 the tropical Phuket Island, Thailand was once again beautiful and the residents could get back to enjoying their home, right along with the tourists.

By this time there were virtually no sign of evidence that a Tsunami had even hit the tropical paradise.

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Phuket tsunami wave enters the garden of the Kamala Beach Resort
Phuket Tsunami strikes Kamala Beach Resort
Foaming waters of the Phuket tsunami engulf the Kamala Beach Resort
Kamala Beach Resort hit by the 2004 tsunami wave in Phuket