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Mom Tri's Boathouse Wine and Grill

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If you are staying Phuket, Thailand and you want to have a low-key night at a casual restaurant than you absolutely must eat at Mom Tri's Boathouse Wine and Grill. Perhaps the most unique feature about this restaurant is its name, just by reading it you know that you are going to get a great home-grill experience, but also with a slightly luxurious side per the "wine" in its name.

This casual restaurant is perfect for any type of traveler, no matter what your food tastes are, you can find something amazing to eat at this casual restaurant. If you are in the mood for an amazing bottle of wine, than you will not be disappointed because this casual restaurant boasts over 700 labels of wine on its wine list.

Of course, the food is designed to both relax and stimulate its diners. You are able to choose from a wide variety of menu items that range from Mediterranean dishes to Thai masterpieces. Although this is a casual restaurant, you can still have a "fancy" night on the town.

Opening times of the Mom Tri's Boathouse Wine and Grill

Mom Tri's Boathouse Wine and Grill is opened from 6.30 hrs to 23.hrs, however, children that are eight years old and under are only allowed before 20.00h.

Also, if you are in the mood for a great drink, than you can do so at The Galley Bar, where you can enjoy sampling beautiful exotic tropical cocktails as well as a Havana cigar, another great feature about this bar is the fact that they have live entertainment every night. And remember, Happy Hour at The Galley Bar is from 17.00h to 19.00h.

No matter why you want to come to this amazing casual restaurant, there is a menu item and a table that is absolutely perfect for you. Remember, vacations are not only meant to be luxurious, but also relaxing, and at Mom Tri's Boathouse Wine and Grill, you are able to get the best of both worlds.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010