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Sala Bua at the Phuket Cabana Resort

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For delicious Thai cuisine with a European flare, those staying near Patong Beach must try the Sala Bua at Phuket Cabana. Sala Bua, Phuket Island, Thailand is world renowned for offering some of the best food in Thailand and guests often return for more than one fantastic meal.

Chef Ronnie Macuja combines Eastern and Western cuisines at this fabulous resort restaurant. Macuja was trained in Manilla but emigrated to New Zealand in 1986. He is now the head chef at Sala Bua where he brings his own blend of exotic recipes featuring a blend of just the right Asian spices. Your mouth will begin to water as soon as you walk in the door!

Phuket Island has great seafood. For starters, why not try the lobster medallions and chicken julienne with lemon vinaigrette? Or the Mussels marinated with exotic herbs such as lemon grass and lime leaves? Or oysters soaked in white wine and sautéed with spinach topped with a light coconut milk sauce? These are just some of the delicious items available on the menu at the Sula Bua. Entrees include a vast choice of seafood and meats and the house specialty is baked salmon with grilled cashew nuts.

In addition to these favorites, Macuja also has many other favorites as well as some new and exciting dishes such as a crab meat salad served with a spring roll stuffed with crab meat. Make sure you leave room for dessert because Macuja loves making exquisite sweets that almost look too pretty to eat.

Dining at Sala Bua is an event in itself. The restaurant is open air and is located right on Patong Beach. Nothing tops off this fine dining experience as the sun setting slowly into the Andaman Sea. What can be better than a breathtaking atmosphere and gorgeous food?

For a quality restaurant like Sala Bua, you may expect to pay a fortune. The restaurant is surprisingly affordable, however. If you go for a Saturday dinner buffet, you can enjoy fresh prawn, lobster, mussels, snapper and squid as well as starters and salads and a fabulous table full of exquisite desserts all for about 30 Euros each person. No where in the West would you get a fine meal like this for such a price. We won't even mention the ambiance.

If you are unsure about trying the different foods, you can get the Thai Delights Set Menu, instead of the buffet. This gives you a selection of six items for even less than the buffet meal. Sula Bau, Phuket Island, Thailand is one place you will want to visit again during your fabulous Thai holiday.

Last Updated: 18 Oct 2011