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The cuisine in Phuket Island is as varied as the beautiful surroundings. From street stalls to upscale restaurants, there is something for everyone. Thai food is famous for all the different cultural inspiration that went into creating it. Thai cuisine is a blend of traditional Eastern and Western influences combined into a cuisine that is uniquely Thai.

Some of the most common Thai traditions are the roadside hawkers and street venders. You can get an amazing variety of food from fruit and cold beverages to spicy cuisine indigenous to Thailand. Many tourists are afraid of poor hygiene habits from these street stalls but for the most part the food is excellent and safe. The simplest street vendors are ones who carry their wares in baskets hung from poles across their backs. You can get all sorts of great foods from these venders who sell traditional Thai cuisine such as grilled eggs, bananas, corn, chicken, sausage or red beans wrapped in banana leaves. These simple vendors walk down the streets waiting for hungry customers.

Some street vendors sell their Thai cuisine from carts and feature cold items such as ice cream. There are lots of natural flavors like coconut, taro, and durian. Vendors with carts also have fresh fruit packed cold and cut to order, squid, pancakes, or dumplings. Some vendors have their carts attached to motor bikes and like to settle where all the people converge. There is no shortage of street side food although there are plenty of authentic Thai restaurants as well.

There are hundreds of great restaurants on Phuket Island and all have great Thai cuisine. Many restaurants are sophisticated and air conditioned and offer all the great fresh and spicy Thai cuisine. Phuket Island is famous for its seafood and with prices that can't be beat, experiencing Phuket Island cuisine is sure to please. Some places such as the Pum Restaurant in Patong Beach and the Culinary Workshops at Mom Tri's Boathouse offer cooking lessons that teach visitors the art of creating fine Thai cuisine. So whether you go to eat or learn, your taste of Thai cuisine will be a good one.

Last Updated: 18 Oct 2011