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If you are like so many others and prefer to wine and dine in some of the trendier locales a city has to offer then you are in for a few excellent treats. These recommended trendy restaurants in Phuket Island Thailand are a great place to dine and, more importantly, be seen dining. You will rub elbows with those from all walks of life on this island and many of them will be found in some of these recommended trendy restaurants in Phuket Island Thailand.

The first to make our list of recommended Trendy Restaurants in Phuket Island Thailand is the Phukana Wine and Dine. The name says it all really. This is one place you go to wine and dine and be seen doing just that. There is live music for dinner and an extensive wine selection with wines from around the world. This is an excellent restaurant for dinner in a romantic setting as well as a great place to dine with friends and family.

The next on our list of recommended trendy restaurants in Phuket Island Thailand is Tamachart Restaurant. This restaurant has an extensive menu that will leave your head swimming with the possibilities. The décor is fun and unique and the atmosphere can't be beat. While it may not be the very idea that many have of trendy it's uniqueness alone makes Tamachart trendy. You really should give this great find a try if you are in the mood for some excellent food and a great crowd to enjoy it with.

Mali Seafood makes our list of recommended trendy restaurants in Phuket Island Thailand because it is the epitome of a trendy restaurant no matter what the location. Not only do they have an excellent wine list, and the price tag to match, but they also have the ultra trendy and fashionable décor that is often associated with the latest and greatest in trendy restaurants.

These are but a few recommended trendy restaurants in Phuket Island Thailand but they stand heads and shoulders above many that would like to be the next craze in trendiness. Give them a try; you'll be glad you did.

Restaurants adorn South Phuket Island, Thailand. In addition to the many Thai restaurants, there are also restaurants that offer steak, seafood, European cuisine, Scandinavian cuisine and English cuisine. Restaurants in South Phuket Island, Thailand range from expensive to inexpensive, but some of the very best restaurants are moderately priced.

One of the best moderately priced restaurants on South Phuket Island, Thailand is Kan Eang. Kan Eang is located along Chalong Bay and is actually two separate restaurants, the Kan Eang and the Kan Eang 2. I recommend the Kan Eang as this charming restaurant sits on the end of a pier and has some of the best seafood dishes in Thailand. One dish to try is the steamed white fish with a tasty white sauce. Another is garlic steamed muscles. For excellent seafood at moderate prices, you must try the Kan Eang.

Jimmy's Lighthouse has both Western and Thai food and is also located on Chalong Bay. The restaurant is set in a white lighthouse and has steak, sandwiches as well as some delicious Thai dishes. There is literally something for everyone at Jimmy's Lighthouse, which is a favorite haunt of many westerners who live on the island.

Japanese cuisine can be had at the Phuket Fishing Lodge, also on Chalong Bay. In addition to serving the best Japanese seafood on the island, Phuket Fishing Lodge also has a wonderful variety of tasty Thai dishes. The restaurant is glass enclosed which makes it even more charming. You will not believe that such a wonderful meal can be so moderately priced.

On Karon Beach, you can try the Little Mermaid Restaurant that has wonderful Scandinavian food. Here you can actually get a steak with baked potato and even check off on the menu how you want your steak cooked. In addition to steak, the Little Mermaid Restaurant has some excellent authentic Scandinavian dishes.

Classic music and traditional old Thai dishes are at Old Siam, also located on Karon Beach. Old Siam is actually not very old, it is a new restaurant that has nightly performances of Thai dancers and also offers outdoor tables where you can watch the sunset on Karon Beach.

Rawi Beach is famous for its sunsets and the Promthew Cape Restaurant has everything from Thai, Chinese and European cuisines. The oysters are reared by the owners on their farm and are by far one of the best things on the menu. If you don't like oysters, there are plenty of other items to choose from in this charming local restaurant.

Restaurants in South Phuket Island, Thailand are plentiful and most are moderately priced. Avoid the crowds and expense and try one of the above restaurants during your Phuket Island, Thailand holiday.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010