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Fruits On Phuket

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Phuket Island is considered a tropical fruit heaven to many of its touring visitors. You can find a variety of fruit practically every day of the year. Delicious, sweet, and juicy fruit in season and ready to be eaten and enjoyed.

A Thai custom on Phuket Island, Thailand is to serve fruit after any big meal. Many of the fruits served or on display to be purchased in local markets by tourists and locals are grown on Phuket Island, Thailand.

There are many different fruits on Phuket Island, Thailand. Too many to describe. Those that have been listed are however some examples and those that seem to be the most popular on Phuket Island.

Eating fruit is also considered a tradition of the locals on Phuket Island, Thailand for the simple fact that they say it "takes the fire" out of some of the more spicy dishes of Thai food.


Is a cute, small, and red oval fruit with hair. When at first glance , you don't know if you should pet it or eat it. However, it is very sweet on the inside. This fruit is so fragile it can only be enjoyed on Phuket Island.


Although somewhat smaller than those of western bananas. Those found on Phuket Island, Thailand are very sweet and are available year round.


Which is a fruit that has a sweet orange inside, it doesn't taste like an orange. Some locals on Phuket Island even eat this fruit while it is still green. Many tropical fruits are eaten while they are still green actually.


This fruit has an odor about it. One that people don't like well. However, on Phuket Island, Thailand it seems to be the King of fruit. Unfortunately, this fruit is rare because you can only find it on Phuket Island in the Spring.

Rose Apples

Bell shaped and easy to find, Rose apples are a fruit with a waxy shine to them. When visiting Phuket Island, Thailand, they are often mistaken for some kind of bell pepper by the tourists. One way this fruit is prepared as a favorite Thai dish; is for the fruit to be eaten with salt and dried chilies.

Cashew Nuts

Phuket Island, Thailand is also known for growing famous cashew nuts. On Phuket Island's food menu it is listed as a fruit. Even in market places on Phuket Island, Thailand you will find cashews with the fruit.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010