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VAT Refund for Tourists at Phuket Airport

Phuket Shopping | Refund calculation for VAT refund in Phuket

As a tourist, you are not required to pay VAT (Value Added Tax) on items that you intend to take out of Thailand (take home) and cost more than 5,000 Baht. The current VAT rate in Thailand is 7% which means on a 5,000 THB purchase the price before VAT would be 4,672.90 making 7% VAT 327 THB.

Calculating the VAT Refund due

If you want to do the math yourself remember to remove VAT from an amount you should use the following process:

  • Find the price of the goods BEFORE VAT
    [Total Amount] divided by [1.07] eg (5,000 THB / 1.07 = 4,672.90)
  • Find the value of the VAT
    [Total Amount Paid] minus [Price BEFORE VAT] eg (5,000 THB - 4,672.90 THB = 327.1 THB)
  • Subtract Refund Fee of 100THB (see refund fees below)
    [327.1 THB – 100 THB = 227.1 THB)

On a 5,000 THB purchase your refund would be about 227 THB.

This process obviously gets better if you increase the amount, working with 60,000 THB your refund would be close to 4,000 THB.

It's not exactly overwhelming and it's not really going to make you want to spend more during your visit to Phuket, but it's nice to know that if you do make some large purchases, as long as you make them from the right kind of shops and get the right kind of paperwork you can get some money back on your way home. For most people the amount returned is a welcome surprise, so it is well worth making the effort to collect the paperwork as it's not that difficult to do.

Making a Purchase

When making a purchase at a store displaying the sign "VAT Refund for Tourists" you will need to present your passport and ask the sales assistant at the store to complete the VAT Refund Application for Tourists form (P.P.10) and attach the original tax invoices to the form.

Each application form (P.P.10) must show a value of goods of 2,000 baht or more.

Participating Stores

Stores participating in the refund scheme display a sign stating: "VAT Refund for Tourists". If you make a purchase from these stores, ask for a VAT Refund Form (P.P 10) and keep the original tax invoice(s) a store gives you.

That is really all you need to do. If you take that paperwork to the 'Customs Inspection for VAT Refund' desk at Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hay Yai, Phuket or U-Tapao International Airports, you will be granted a tax refund. Bear in mind that the tax refund process is the final stage of your journey in Thailand - you will have gone through passport control on your return leg before you arrive at the appropriate counter. You can only make claims on the day you leave the country.

The Who, Where & How of Tax Refunds

  1. Not Thai nationals
  2. Not an airline crew member departing Thailand on duty
  3. Only available when departing Thailand from an international airport
  4. Only for goods purchased from stores displaying a "VAT REFUND FOR TOURISTS" sign
  5. VAT refund only applies to goods taken out of Thailand with the traveller within 60 days from the date of purchase
  6. Goods must be at least 5,000 baht including VAT and must be purchased from each supplier at the amount of at least 2,000 baht per day
  7. Luxury goods, such as jewellery, gold ornaments, watches, glasses, or pens, must once more be inspected by the Revenue officers at the VAT refund office at the departure lounge after passport control
  8. Before departure, present your goods and VAT Refund Application for Tourists form (P.P.10) to Customs officers for inspection before check-in
  9. You collect your actual refund at the VAT REFUND OFFICE after you have checked in for your flight and passed through passport control

How you receive your refund

Refund amount not exceeding 30,000 baht, will be made in cash (Thai baht) or by bank draft or credit to your credit card account.

Refund amount exceeding 30,000 baht, will be made by bank draft or credit to your credit card account.

Fees Involved

For cash refund, a fee of 100 Baht.

For bank draft refund, a fee of 100 Baht plus draft issuing fee at the rate charged by banks and postage fees.

For credit into credit card account refund, a fee of 100 Baht plus money transfer fee at the rate charges by banks and postage fee

For more information on VAT refund, visit the Revenue Department of Thailand's website

Last Updated: 18 Oct 2011