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Phuket Transport | Getting around on Phuket Island

If you stay at one of the busy beach areas such as Patong or Kata, your hotel will likely be within walking distance from most amenities and activities. However, if you want to venture further, you have the option of renting a car, taking a taxi, tuk-tuk, the daytime bus service (songthaew) or public transportation.

Phuket Car Rental or Taxi

Renting a car is the best way to experience all that Phuket has to offer. Many big-name car rental companies operate on Phuket Island, Thailand, including Hertz, National, Alamo and Avis. Most of these car rental companies are just outside the main exit of Phuket International Airport turn left. Other car rental companies include Andaman, VIA and David Car rental, You will need you driver's license and passport to hire a rental car. A metered taxi service is also available at Phuket International Airport.

Phuket Tuk Tuks

The tuk-tuk, so named for the sound its engine makes, is a cheap and efficient way to get around Phuket Island. There is no fixed price, so your destination and bargaining skills will determine the price you will pay for your tuk-tuk trip. Be sure to agree on a set price before you leave. Tuk tuks prices after a bit of late night Phuket nightlife or clubbing can be high so be prepared.

Bus and Song Thaew around Phuket

The Song Thaew is an inexpensive daytime bus service is that will take you to several places on Phuket Island. Each bus typically drives to a single destination. The Song Thaew bus service also operates in a loop, driving from the Phuket Island bus terminal to its particular destination and then back to the bus terminal. The route of the buses are now written on the Song Thaew in English so it is relatively easy to get around.

The bus terminal is located at Phuket town's food market. The buses depart daily at 7 AM, and leave every 30 minutes. To catch your bus, simply read the signs on each one for your destination. You may also catch the bus at any point along the bus route. There are no bus stops, so all you have to do is wave the bus to stop for you. Likewise, you may stop the bus at any point along the route to get off.

Last Updated: 18 Oct 2011

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