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Dangers of Bike Rental in Phuket

Phuket Transport | Renting a motorbike on Phuket Island

Bike hire (rev and go style scooters) are very popular for visitors to Phuket as a choice for personal transportation. These machines are surprisingly fast if you're not used to them and admittedly are also very enjoyable to ride. They are also a much cheaper option to the expensive Tuk Tuks.

The unfortunate problem is that most people renting a motorcycle like this do not have any experience on bikes, knowledge of the Thai traffic laws or of the obstacles which range from sand on the road to open drains, potholes, strange one way systems (Patong Beach) and most importantly other traffic on the road.

Therefore Phuket does suffer an extremely high accident rate as the old adage states, "when riding a motorbike it's not a case of if you have an accident, but when." As you travel round the island you will white square outlines drawn on the road and you'll see new ones every day. These are the markings by the police to indicate an accident.

Nothing spoils a holiday more than a visit to one of Phukets many Hospitals!

Rules & Regulations

  • Drive on the left side of the road
  • The legal age for riding a motorcycle up to 110cc is 15. 18 is the legal age for riding a motorcycle over 110cc
  • It is compulsory for a driver to have their driving licence on them
  • Valid Thai or International Driving Licences are accepted
  • Every vehicle must have third party insurance, the Compulsory Motor Insurance (CMI)
  • Blood-alcohol limit is 0.5 mg (Don't Drink and Drive)
  • Helmets must be warn at all times (both driver and passenger)
  • Vehicles with red registration plates are not permitted to drive at night

Traffic Signs

If you are hiring a car or motorcycle and you don't have a valid international drivers licence and you have an accident, your insurance policy maybe invalid.

Last Updated: 18 Oct 2011

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