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Phuket Transport | Renting a motorbike on Phuket

Motorbike rental on Phuket is 200-300 baht/day and there are often discounts for weekly or monthly rates. There’s no shortage of bike rentals in Phuket so and it’s always worth taking a quick look round to find the best offer.

Handing over your passport and deposits

When renting the bike, the shop might request that you leave your passport with them. A better option would be to leave a photocopy of your passport with them or the most your driver's licence. They also may request that you leave a deposit with them but do decline as you might not see the deposit when you return with the bike and coax them to accept the photocopy of the passport. If they seem unwilling, you can always try the next shop.

Accident Insurance on Phuket

There is no such thing as first-class (similar to comprehensive) insurance on motorbikes in Thailand, no matter what the rental shop may tell you. However, by law, they must have third-party insurance which does not cover any damage that happens to the bike while in your possession.

It will also not cover any personal hospital expenses should you have an accident. Read here how to behave in the case of an accident on Phuket.

You should check that your travel insurance covers you for bike rental and remember if you are hiring a car or motorcycle and you don't have a valid international drivers licence and you have an accident, your insurance policy maybe invalid.

Rental motorbike damage

Finally before signing the rental agreement and paying, anything you should check the bike for existing damage. Check for any scratches on the body-work as well as dents and dings, check all the lights work (front, rear, break and indicators) and the plastic lenses have no cracks in them. If you find anything, ensure to point it out to the shop and make sure they make a written note of any pre-existing damage. I'd always recommend taking pictures of the bike before you get on it and ride it away.

While going through this process you will learn more about the shop than you could by just asking questions, if the shop owners don't like your attention to detail or you being so thorough then this should be a warning flag. Reputable businesses will have no problems checking the bike with you to make sure you are happy and confident in their service.

Phuket traffic regulations

Crash helmets must be worn by the driver and passenger, regardless of the number of Thais you may see riding around without one. The police continually increase their efforts to enforce the wearing of helmets and regular check-points stop and fine both Thais and tourists with equal regularity. It is also advisable to know the Thai traffic signs and all other traffic regulations.

Wear your crash helmet at all times while riding and drive safe.

Last Updated: 18 Oct 2011

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