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You may arrive at Phuket Island by air or sea. You may also drive here from the mainland, via the bridge that connects to Phuket Island.

By Road

You may choose to rent a car and drive yourself through Thailand's picturesque countryside to get to Phuket Island. Alternatively, you may take one of the buses that leave Bangkok's southern Bus Terminal each day. It is a long drive - 867 kilometers long - from Bangkok to Phuket, about 12 hours by bus.

By Plane

Phuket has an international airport, situated to the north of the island. It is the main entry point for most visitors to PI. This rather compact airport is the second largest in Thailand. Thai Airways international operates daily flights from the mainland to Phuket Island. Your flight will be an hour and 20 minutes long.

By Sea

A number of cruise ships dock at Phuket's Deep Sea Port. If your vacation includes a cruise to Phuket, find out from your travel agent if you can disembark at the port.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010

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