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Phuket Island, Thailand usually has a moist, tropical climate. This is caused by the monsoon winds that differ in direction depending on what time of year it is. The weather on Phuket Island, Thailand has two seasons really. High season, and monsoon season. During high season, the weather has decent temperatures with occasional showers, and blue skies.

Most of the time between the months of March and September, hot mist air is drawn from the ocean over Phuket Island, Thailand. Therefore, the weather at this time normally consists of some rain and the possibility of a monsoon.

Phuket Weather in April and May

The Thai new year is when the weather on Phuket Island, Thailand is the hottest. This occurs around April 13th.

In April the winds have a lot of moisture and for the most part of May it rains. Sometimes as many as 25 days of May. Higher climate areas more inland have strong winds such as in the mountains. The moisture content delivers rain quite a bit.

However, during the warm months, unlike the western region the air is not very hot and dry. Instead, even though the climate is hot, the weather is good. Simply due to the moisture in the wind blowing over Phuket Island, Thailand coming in from the ocean.

Phuket weather in June to August

June through August are usually the warmest months. Caused by wind carrying heated air from other climates near the equator. The weather on Phuket Island, Thailand then becomes sunny with dry warmer air blowing in from the Indian Ocean.

Phuket weather in March

Once again, by March, the weather is warm and more humid with the onset of the next monsoon. Visiting Phuket Island, Thailand during the monsoon season seems to be the best because the weather is mostly rain free and it if not as humid.

Phuket temperatures and the monsoon

Phuket Island, Thailand basically has a tropical climate which remains steady and average year round. The temperature stays around 88 degrees most of the time. However, temperatures do get as high as 96 degrees in May.

Monsoon season is when the weather temperatures are more bearable, with light warm winds. During the monsoon season it does not rain everyday. For the most part, the only thing to keep in consideration, is that Phuket Island, Thailand has a tropical climate. The weather is always fair. It is never cold, and the sun is never far away.

The most sophisticated weather data comes from Phuket Airport as you would expect. To see the latest Phuket weather forcast click here.

Last Updated: 14 Feb 2012