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Phuket Island is in the southern part of Thailand, and is located in the central west shore in the Malay Peninsula at 8? north and 98? east. Malay is bordering on Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar in turn from south, and it is the peninsula of a direction of north and south dividing the Andaman sea on the west side and the East China Sea on the east side.

The area where Phuket Island is surrounded is a tropical monsoon climate zone. This area is by the wind that blows from southwest under the influence of the sea from around April to October every year, and there is a lot of rain.

The season of a lot of rainfall like this is called the rainy season, and for instance the season of "Tsuyu" in Japan is much like Phuket Island, Thailand's rainy season. All over the west coast ,of the southern part of Phuket Island where a lot of hotels are located and is the resort area that is facing the Indian Ocean from the Andaman sea, and it can potentially be hit directly by the monsoon.

Around November to March is the weak dry season in Phuket Island. The best season of Phuket Island, Thailand is a period that is at the same time when it is winter of Japan.

In a Southeast Asian region, climate is greatly different due to latitude and the area even if in the same Malay islands, or it changes across the equator such as Phuket Island, Thailand and Java Island, and there is weird climate in the neighborhood of the equator.

Believe it or not, however, residents who live on Phuket Island, Thailand are used to monsoons much like westerners get used to the potential hazard of a tornado in their area.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010