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Phuket weather in July

Phuket Weather | July weather in Phuket

Phuket weather in July can be a great variety. The weather can be perfect with glorious sunshine and sunsets, wild and windy and there can be rain. Phuket weather in July catches the tail end of the first monsoon but then dips into some great weather before the second monsoon in September.

Phuket weather in July

Phuket weather in July on the first 10- 15 days can have wind and prolonged rain showers, and some of these can be heavy. The wind is a key feature of the weather compared to a still day in January but the rain showers come through regularly. The weather in-between the rain can be fantastically clear with strong sun. This often happens in the morning. Then the heat builds up and new clouds develope and create the afternoon rain. As the rain comes down the temperature drops 5-8 degrees Celsius. These rain showers can be hard but predictable so it is easy to gauge your outdoor activities.

Phuket weather in July in the second half of the month enjoys a lot less rain and really is a good time to travel as you have near-high-season weather but maybe 40% less on your hotel prices. The other great advantage is that the island is a lot less busy so where you want to enjoy places of beauty like Phi Phi Island or the Phang Nga Bay, it is quieter and calmer. The local population is less rushed, has more time for you and is even more friendly.

Phuket weather in July and resorts

Phuket weather in July gets you into the low season price structure. This is the cheapest time of year stay in Phuket hotels as it is outside high and peak season. On top of these great prices many Phuket resort deals are offered in an attempt to keep the rooms full. Some Phuket resorts during the July season can be 60-80% cheaper than in peak season.

During July the weather produces a westerly wind making sea conditions very variable. In the beginning of the month there can be larger waves and the beaches are closed so more time is spent by the pool. This means that the ideal beachfront resort is not always a must. The 5 star Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort and the Laguna Beach Resort are beachfront and do cater for those who love that rhythm of the ocean. Often the Patong Beach town resorts of the Holiday Inn Resort Phuket and the Phuket Graceland Resort And Spa are more popular as they enjoy the activities of a busier town. Even if the rain does come through, there is still something to do in Patong.

Phuket weather in July and tours

Phuket weather in July does effect the type of tour that gets you outside. If it is raining or windy it's not always so pleasant. However if you like water, check out the waterfalls at this time of the year. They are spectacular. The best waterfalls can be found over the bridge on the Phang Nga province mainland at Limpi Waterfall.

July can be windier in the first half of the month so if you are taking a Phuket Phi Phi tour it's better to check out the larger Sea Angel Cruise boat. This is the largest boat and easily rides any waves. When you get to the quiet waters of Phi Phi, the sea is calm and the snorkeling is great.

The speedboat tours can be a bit of a lottery in the first half of July as speedboats on waves aren’t always as comfortable, though from about 20th July these Phuket Phi Phi speedboat tours are great. Spending plenty o time at the National Parks of Bamboo Island and Maya Bay, there is great snorkeling and a chance to see "The Beach".

Phuket weather in July Information

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Last Updated: 17 May 2012