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Phuket weather June

Phuket Weather | June weather in Phuket

Phuket weather June is monsoonal which is not to say that it is raining all day every day, but that this is one of the key months of wet. The sun will come out regularly and shine on a verdant and brilliant scene, Phuket is cleaned by the rain and the month of June is full of surprises.

Phuket weather June

The Phuket weather June makes for an interesting stay for visitors. Monsoon time is when the sun is overhead. This creates humidity and tall cumulus clouds that billow up into to the stratosphere. When the clouds break, the rain can be torrential, an amazing sight for those who have not experienced it. Once the air has lost its moisture, the sun comes out, it is extremely clear, hot and beautiful. This mix of weather makes for slightly disjointed days where you will need to dodge the rain, but makes for quite a fun experience. People who come to Phuket from countries where there is no rain find this one of Phuket's most appealing characteristics.

Phuket weather June forecast

The best short term weather forecast for Phuket in June tracks the rain radar for Phuket airport but shows the whole island and region. This June weather forecast gives you up to date information. This page also gives a 5 day forecast for the beaches.


Phuket island accommodation is cheaper than high season but it is a lot quieter. However you can still take part in all the same activities as in high season. You can visit all the famous landmarks and islands retreats and still party in the nightlife areas.

Phuket weather June accommodation

Phuket weather June is great for the prices of accommodation because low season is up to 50% cheaper from May until October 31st. On top of this, the best Phuket Hotel deals are to be found in this season as the hoteliers try to fill their hotel rooms. On some deals you can be paying up to 70% less than high-or-peak season prices.

Phuket weather June tours

Phuket weather June doesn’t effect tours in that they go every day. The Phang Nga Bay tour is especially popular as the Bay itself is protected from the westerly monsoon winds that can dominate the weather pattern.

Phuket Phi Phi tours are influenced by the weather in June. The ferry and one day cruise trips are no problem Phuket to Phi Phi but can experience larger waves on the return leg. Underneath the steep cliffs on Phi Phi the coral reefs are sheltered from any weather and provide adventurous and pretty snorkeling.

Phuket weather June diving.

The main dive sites in Phuket weather June are the same as high season but large waves will hinder getting in and out of the dive boat and make the dive trip out to the dive site more uncomfortable. With modern weather forecasts, dive boats are a able to tell customers if the diving is on for the next day however Similan Diving is largely curtailed. Koh Racha, Koh Maiton, and Phi Phi diving dominate the diving schedules.

Phuket weather June nightlife

Phuket weather in June doesn’t slow the nightlife in Patong one bit. The islands most famous beach draws tourists from all over Phuket every night for a wild party down on the bars and nightclubs of Soi Bangla. A burst of rain can make for a mad dash across the road to the next bar and cove under the roof. This sense of common adventure makes for special nights.

Last Updated: 11 May 2012