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Most photographed Sign in Patong Beach

The world famous Phuket nightlife is an amazing kaleidoscope of the wild, fun and down right naughty. Many people flock to Phuket to enjoy the sensational party atmosphere and colourful scenes played out every night of the year.

The Soi Bangla Nightlife is the heart of Phuket and Patong and many stay in the Patong hotels just to enjoy the experience. For those who love this style of holiday getting a resort or hotel next to the action is a key part of their enjoyment.

As you move around Patong central district you appreciate how many Phuket Clubs and Phuket Bars, entertainment and shows. This is truly entertainment on an epic scale and few would argue with the belief that this is the hottest island in Thailand.

Last Updated: 04 Sep 2011