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Phuket Tsunami (Kamala Beach Resort)

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Hotel guests swept away as the Phuket Tsunami strikes Kamala Beach Resort

This image gallery is showing the tsunami of 2004 striking the Kamala Beach Resort on Phuket.

The Indian Ocean Tsunami rolled in over the west of Phuket on December 26th and killed and injured many and destroyed a large amount of property along the sea front.

Unlike many other hotel and resort beaches like Patong, Karon and Kata Beaches, the old village of Kamala had large areas constructed of tin and wood and this with a giant wave cut through the low lying village and caused many deaths and injuries.

The tsunami of 2004 was a complete shock to Phuket and the Thai government who have since laid early warning bouys along the coast and loud speakers for warning in the beach areas are now ready to respond should a tsunami happen again. Records show that tsunamis happen in this part of Thailand every 175-250 years.

The hotels and resorts in Phuket and Kamala are now fully restored.

Last Updated: 04 Sep 2011