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Baan Yin Dee


Baan Yin Dee

Overview of Baan Yin Dee

The grand Boran style Thai architecture makes good use of natural materials like granite and wood to make an impressive atmosphere, modern yet very traditional. The resort blends with the landscaped gardens, the four tiered pool and its lush green surroundings.

Baan Yin Dee is the place to be when you want a hideaway. On the side of a slope overlooking the imposing Patong Bay ringed by the Phuket Highlands there is a real get away feeling. However the resort is only 5 minutes to the heart of the vibrant town and wonderful beach allowing you to enjoy the best of nature with the best of town life.

Not only does the management boast a fine gourmet restaurant, but also excellent Thai massages too. Baan Yin Dee means a ‘Warm Welcome Home’, and this is exactly what it is, Home away from Home! The warmth and beauty of Thailand permeates from every room, every nook and corner.

Rooms of Baan Yin Dee

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THB 2,761 / night

THB 3,186 / night

THB 3,505 / night

THB 4,885 / night

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