Baan Krating Phuket Resort


Baan Krating Phuket Resort

Overview of Baan Krating Phuket Resort

A resort with a private beach, Baan Krating Jungle Beach and surrounded with tropical forest, this is a real find. The Resort maintains the easy going Thai tradition and provides a homely atmosphere unlike other resorts. The rooms are built in a hut style but are well equipped and provide you with the much-needed comfort.

Baan Krating Jungle Beach is one of Phuket’s hidden treasures. The quiet and relaxed atmosphere the private hut cottages make this 3 star resort ideal for many.

The staff here is friendly and kind and is always ready to serve you with a smile. This resort provides luxurious living among the woods. The resort serves hot and fresh Thai and western delicacies. The restaurant has a perfect ambiance to dine with nature. The spa offers various beauty treatments to help your skin glow.

Rooms of Baan Krating Phuket Resort

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THB 1,656 / night

THB 2,070 / night

THB 2,386 / night

THB 3,430 / night

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