Cape Panwa Hotel


Cape Panwa Hotel

Overview of Cape Panwa Hotel

The resort subtly blends with the beautiful blue waters with its lavish rooms, private beach and very good service to make your stay memorable. It is part of the Cape Hotel Group - Thailandís leading hotel chain. The resort offers luxurious rooms in a wide variety which you can choose depending on the requirement. Superior, deluxe, suites suites with jacuzzi, exclusive pool villas and lodge, you name your preference and the resort has one for you!!!!

The resort boasts of excellent culinary creations at the 10 different in house restaurants and bars. Guests need not look out for dining options outside the resort offers an ambit of
gourmet dishes catering, Italian, seafood, European snacks, traditional Thai and International cuisine. Steaks and barbeques, an array of drinks, cocktails, mocktails juices, wines etc are all worth indulging in.

This beautiful hotel is self sufficient and provides all the facilities to its guests to enjoy and relax with a number of activities like tennis, soccer, canoeing, beach badminton, catamaran sailing etc. Lessons on batik painting, floral designs,napkin folding, fruit carving, Thai cooking, etc are also organized by the resort. You can work out at the well equipped fitness center, pamper your self thoroughly at the luxury spa. Or even go cruising on the private yacht !!! Cape Panwa experience is truly worth the price, it simply gives you an out of the world holiday.

Rooms of Cape Panwa Hotel

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THB 4,357 / night

THB 6,012 / night

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