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Cc Blooms Phuket

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84/21 Soi 10, Patak Rd., Karon, Muang, Phuket 83100 Thailand

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Location of Cc Blooms Phuket

CC Bloom's is perched on the hillside above Karon, with stunning sunsets and views of the Andaman Sea. Just five minutes away from Kata and Karon beaches and only 20 minutes from Patong and Phuket Town, CC Bloom's is secluded, private and offers guests luxury pampering and service.

Blooming with serenity

Phuket is an island on the southwest side of the Thai peninsula, nested in the Andaman Sea and surrounded by smaller islands. CC Bloom's is one of the most secluded of the island's hotels, in the hills above Kata Beach, just a 15-minute drive from the town of Patong, which boasts an active nightlife. The hotel offers a stunning view of Kata Beach.

Easy living on Kata Beach
The surf is up from May to October, but otherwise, Katas calm beach will cool you down. The long stretch of white sand offers you plenty of room to work on your tan and Thai massage practitioners to vanquish the last remnants of worry.

Karon is quiet central
Located on the west coast of Phuket, Karon Beach is just 15 minutes south of Patong. It features an infinitely long stretch of flawless white sand and it's considerably more peaceful than Patong. There are still many things to do though. Karon is nicely spread out and is perfect if you like to escape the crowds.

Plenty to do in Patong
Patong is the most famous beach on Phuket. Plenty of activities are available to keep you busy during the day, from renting a beach chair for some people-watching to parasailing along the coast, to SCUBA diving or snorkeling off the coast, to jetskiing or riding a banana boat. Patong's nightlife is on the wild side, with various bars, clubs and restaurants to choose from. Something is available to meet your unique taste and style.

Paradise on Phi Phi
Phi Phi Island--the H is silent--is a beautiful getaway trip for the day. Its hourglass shape makes for two stunning beaches opposite each other; its just a five-minute walk to the other side, and both sides offer local gifts and handmade crafts. On the boat trip there, you'll see ancient caves with stalagtites and bats. Its beauty is remarkable.

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