Coral Island Resort


Coral Island Resort

Overview of Coral Island Resort

Coral Island Resort is a perfect place to spend your holiday, in the lap of nature. The Island is full of colorful reefs and thus the resort is named Coral Island Resort. Located off the south east coast of Phuket, the resort is just 9 kilometers away from the Phuket Island. The resort offers you the true experience of being one with nature.

The breath taking beauty around the Coral Island Resort and a peaceful atmosphere is what attracts numerous tourists to the resort. The resort has a stretch of white sand beach on one side and on the other there is the serene bay. A little bit of walking will take you to the hills and rocks that lead to a small cove within a beautiful beach.

The rooms here are well designed and built in villa style, to give you the pleasure of staying on the white sand. Mouthwatering dishes are cooked in various styles, with fresh seafood being the favorite.

Rooms of Coral Island Resort

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THB 986 / night

THB 1,283 / night

THB 1,580 / night

Photos of Coral Island Resort