Karon View Resort

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Karon View Resort

Overview of Karon View Resort

Karon View Resort in Phuket showcases the city in a resort that combines all the natural exotic beauty with sophisticated luxury. Equipped with every available facility that you can imagine, the hotel is a admirable advocate of the hospitality industry in Thailand, and a popular name among the Hotels in Phuket in Thailand.

Built in a unique style with a brush of Thai architectural design, the facade of Karon View Resort in Phuket is exotic to the eyes of the beholder. The glass window panels of the lobby let in just enough sunshine which gives the interior a surreal ambience. Comfort is the theme in the bungalows furnished with traditional tapestry and beautiful wooden furniture.

Rooms at Karon view resort are cozy and well decorated. All the rooms are customized to provide you with the best level of comfort and to make your stay relaxing and memorable.

The location of Karon View Resort is further enhanced by the presence of a variety of fine dining and wining options and an outdoor swimming pool where you can take a dip in the afternoon. The wide array of hotel amenities at Karon view resort is designed to cater both business and leisure travelers.

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