4 IN 1 SAFARI Full tour with Dinner Cruise

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4 IN 1 SAFARI Full tour with Dinner Cruise


The tour takes you through some of the Phuket traditional scenery to give a real flavour of what country living is all about. Driving through the Phuket Highlands on Land Rovers, you get to see a great variety of lands capes and some fine views. The tour also gives you a chance to enjoy an elephant trek and take a sunset cruise by old and traditional junk.

On top of this, the eco minded tour explains how rubber sap is harvested from the rubber tree, and how rice is farmed in the more remote areas of Thailand. This is done at the safari outstation where you can take a ride on a buffalo cart and see how rice paddies were ploughed. It is a great experience to see how life has been lived for hundreds of years.

The elephant trek takes you to the top of the Chalong Highlands with wonderful views of the Andamand sea is often one of the highlights of the '4 in 1' SAFARI Full tour with Dinner Cruise as the elephant is the stand out animal of fascination for both young and old. Traditionally the elephant has been used to move heavy objects like timber but here in Phuket they have the less arduous task of moving passengers along the elephant trails. Perched above the majority of jungle, the elephant is the perfect viewing platform from which to survey the country.

The final part of the day is an easy sunset cruise on a traditional sea junk. On this boat trip, a wonderful buffet meal is served so that you can enjoy the many islands off Phuket, the beaches and sea scenery. The eternal sunset brings together the entire adventure in a glorious and unforgettable moment. This is a wonderful Phuket tour.

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