Elephant Trek 45 minutes- 2.5 hour tour

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Elephant Trek 45 minutes- 2.5 hour tour


The rhythm and gentle pace of an elephant is an extraordinary thing to reflect on, let alone experience. These powerful animals are both strong and gentle and it is surprising how easily they walk along the mountain paths on the steep slopes of the Chalong Highlands. From the moment the elephants pick you up on the designer 8 foot high elephant-platforms to the moment you are returned, these graceful mammals breath easily, walk easily and carry you around as if you are not even there.

The skilful mahout (elephant trainer) sits astride the elephant’s head and directs your elephant along the intricate paths that interweave through the rubber plantations on the mountains. In the valleys and along the jeep tracks the elephant proceeds at a sedate pace allowing you striking views of the jungle and the Phuket foreshore below. To the east lies Chalong Pier, the quiet and remote island of Koh Lon, Coral Island and in the far distance you can see the Phi Phi Islands poking up over the horizon.

The special seats on the back of an elephant move with the gentle sway so be prepared to hold for comfort as this is part of the elephant adventure.

On arriving at the elephant camp, the tour guides explain how the elephants exist in a modern Thailand giving detail of their lifestyle and the new challenges that face them. The elephant needs a lot of land to exist and a lot of food to survive and it is now, in the tourist trade where these beautiful animals are able to contribute to the country without being in competition for resources.

The tour starts at your hotel or resort reception where you are met by your guide and taken to Chalong by Landrover. Often this gives you a scenic tour of Phuket as most of the resort beaches are on the east coast where as the elephant camp is on the east coast. This entails crossing the highland ridge by the many passes that exists through the mountains.

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