Tachai-Bon-Similan Full Day Trip

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Tachai-Bon-Similan Full Day Trip


Koh Tachai is part of the Similan Islands National Marine Park and stretches the bounds of adventure from Phuket. This Tachai-Bon-Similan Full Day Trip takes you to the remotest snorkel reefs in Thailand. This remoteness ensures that that untouched flavour of the experience abound. Indeed the local nick name for the Koh Tachai is the 'Virgin Fantasy Reefs'.

The coral reefs of Koh Tachai are some of the prettiest in Thailand and the marine life living in, and passing by the reefs are some of the most abundant and striking. From the smallest plankton sized shrimp to the largest 14m whale shark, these reefs enjoy unparalleled variety in the Indian Ocean.

The tour takes in 3 sets of islands. The nearest islands are the Similan, famous for great diving and an established live aboard scene. Here the speedboat settles in a quiet bay where you enjoy the colour and vibrancy of the tropical beaches and reefs.

Koh Bon is the next stop on the speedboat Tachai-Bon-Similan Full Day Trip and here you will enjoy a more relaxed experience as this island has that real get away location.

It is only when you finally reach Koh Tachai that you appreciate how far you have come off the tourist trail. This island and it's reefs will impress you with their colours and intensity, snorkelling un-paralleled throughout the region.

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