Similan Island Day Trip

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Similan Island Day Trip


The Similan Island comprises of 9 uninhabited island and boast some of the best underwater scenery in Thailand. Located just over the horizon, the Similan archepelago has often been the top search for all aspiring divers, snorkelers and adventure seekers.

This speedboat tour makes the Similan Islands very easy to visit in a day trip. There are not hotels or resorts on the island and the only other way to stay there is on the more elaborate live aboard dive boats. What this tour provides is a day long chance to see one of Thailand's National Parks with the expense of the live aboard.

The ranger stations on the Similan Island are their to regulate and manage this pristine National Park ensuring that the experience you get is unparalleled.

The Similan Islands itself host many and varied coral gardens and a tremendous variety of marine life. Sightings of the larger pelagic species like the whale shark and manta ray cause huge excitement but many find the intricacies of the coral sea bed and the minutiae as intriguing. The myriad of of fish type darting in amongst the colourful corals, the predators circulating, the crabs, star fish, shrimp don't even start to conjure up the shear variety of life, the dazzling beauty.

The best Snorkeling is primarily from the boats which are moored on buoys off the beach but just to snorkel from Long Beach into the shimmering warm waters of the Similan Island gives you a chance to spy something you have not seen before.

The island are also on a migratory path along Thailand's western islands and so a great variety of local species can be spotted.

The Similan Islands are lactated only 50 Kilometres from Khao Lak which describes the mountain ranges on Phang Nga Province on the mainland.

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